Weekly Wednesday Webinar Series

Government Finance Officers across Canada and around the world are at the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic. Your professional association, the Canadian Association of Government Financial Officers (CAGFO) is here and available to help as best we can. We want to ensure that you and your colleagues are supported in your vital roles as you address the immediate concerns of your communities and your employees during this crisis.

The purpose of these webinars is to provide Government Finance Officers the tools and resources they will need to address the COVID-19 pandemic over the next few months.

If you have additional content that would be useful for our members, please submit to office@cagfo.ca.

Please click here for CAGFO’s official response to COVID-19.

All webinars can be used toward your PD hours; but it is up to you to report them to your professional association. We will confirm hours for people that register and attend under their own full names.

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Upcoming Webinars


The 2020 CAGFO National Conference will take place September 14 – 17, 2020.

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Recorded Webinars

Learn How to Work Remotely Like an Expert 

Presenter(s): Jamie Black, President; Darryl Parker, Manager of Accounting Automation Services; Waldo Nell, Manager of Development.

Learning Objectives: How do you make sure your teams are as efficient, effective and reliable as possible when working remotely? From tools to processes, this webinar will introduce the six major keys to remote work success: 

  1. Hardware, 
  2. Performance & Connectivity,
  3. Security & Backups,
  4. Collaboration, 
  5. Workflow, and 
  6. Staff management

Involving Stakeholders in Tough Budget Decisions Using Simulations

Presenter: Chris Adams, President, Balancing Act and Senior Fellow, University of Colorado School of Public Affairs

Learning Objectives: The coronavirus crisis has created major financial hardship for local governments. In the near and long-term, governments will be forced to make major financial and performance decisions that affect employees and residents alike. Even in the best of times, it is hard to have informed budget conversations among non-finance professionals. Easily created, cloud-based simulations are tools that can be used to educate stakeholders and to get input, and hopefully buy-in, on the hard decisions senior leaders are making.

COVID-19 – Crisis Leadership for the Finance Professional 

Presenter: Tim Duhamel, President, Bloom Centre for Municipal Education

Guest Presenter: Wayne Rothe, Councillor, City of Spruce Grove, AB

Learning Objectives:

Crisis leadership: What makes leader successful in times of crisis? Learn about leading practices and strategies that support and enable positive leadership outcomes in times of crisis

Crisis messaging for council and the public: In times of crisis, financial professionals must carefully analyze the effect of the situation, develop mitigating strategies, and forecast the resulting consequences.  This must be communicated this to the Municipal executive, council and the public in a clear and effective manner.  This webinar will cover basic communication strategies with a special focus on the municipal finance function.

Cash flow analysis in times of crisis: Included the webinar is the review of a cash flow forecast template that calculates the impact of delays in taxes, user fees, and utility payments.  The model includes what if scenarios and tips on how to present these scenarios to Council.  (model will be provided to registered viewers)

Engaging Online During COVID – Now and Into the Future

Presenter: Anthea Robinson Shaw, Practice Lead, Bang the Table

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand what  the landscape looks like now
  • Why go online – what to think about and do
  • Learn what meaningful online engagement strategy looks like
  • Learn how to engage online: what works, what doesn’t , what is possible
  • Learn from what others have done – great examples

Utilizing Software for Remote Data-Driven Decision Making

Presenters: James Orr, Product Manager, Questica; Brenda Morrison, Partner at Engaged Public and Co-Founder of Balancing Act

Learning Objectives: Due to the impact of COVID-19, public sector organizations are increasingly faced with the challenge of budgeting remotely and collaboratively. The ability to create and share proposed budgets using interactive charts, tables and dashboards with cloud-based simulations can advance the budgeting process. Cloud-based tools can improve data transparency and increase citizen engagement to better enable data-driven budgeting and decision-making, while increasing data accuracy, saving time, and improving stakeholder trust.

Financial Scenario Planning and Modelling

Presenters: James Richardson MBA, Partner, Consulting – Public Sector, MNP, Brett Vandepol, MBA, PMP, Manager, Consulting Services, MNP

Learning Objectives: Participants will learn how financial and scenario modelling can be an asset to:

  • Predict and understand the potential financial implications of the COVID-19 pandemic for your organization
  • Consideration for alternative waves of public infection and the impact on government revenue and expenses
  • Help balance expectations with administrative colleagues, Council members and ultimately with residents in their respective municipalities
  • Advice on how to talk with senior officials and politicians about the financial implications

Using Budgeting Software to Assess the Impact of Adjusting on the Fly


Charlie Francis, Senior Budgeting Consultant, Questica

Jeff Goldstein, Sales Director, Enterprise

Doug Fletcher, Project Manager, Questica

Target Audience: Budget and Finance Professionals any level

Learning Objectives:

The need use budgeting software to assess your organization’s budgeting process has become increasingly important for public sector organizations because of the current COVID-19 virus. Join Charlie Francis, Senior Consultant, Questica, for a one-hour session where he will link strategic plans to budgets, actual results to strategic plans and how tactical financial management and planning can impact policy decisions and can improve budget forecasting.

Arming Your Organization with the Information It Needs to Make Mission Critical Decisions


Charlie Francis, Senior Budgeting Consultant, Questica

Jeff Goldstein, Director, Sales, Enterprise, Questica

Chris Gulka, Project Manager, Questica

Target Audience: Budget and Finance Professionals any level

Learning Objectives:

The need to arm your organization with the information it needs to make critical decisions due to COVID-19 is a reality all public sector organization must face during this challenging time. Join Senior Consultant, Charlie Francis for one-hour session to learn how to manage your budget for cost savings and to strategically position your organization for the unknown. Discover the benefits of evidence-based policy making, and the importance of budget development and assessing programs during this webinar.

This Time is Different: Strategic Decision Making to Support Recovery from the Pandemic

Presenter: Susan Mowbray, Economics and Research Practice Lead, MNP

Target Audience: Local Government Finance Officers

Learning Objectives:

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted the economic foundation of businesses and services within and across communities.  Added to this is the understanding that the operating environment for local governments will continue to evolve and timelines will shift.  Participants in the webinar will explore:

  • The importance of distinguishing between the short-term and the long-term when it comes to recovery, with consideration of the businesses of the future as well as the economic, social and infrastructure related needs of communities.
  • The type of information that helps with making strategic decisions to move communities forward.
  • A framework for making choices and identifying opportunities.

Return to Work/ Return to What’s Next

Presenter: Kathy Parker, Partner, PwC Consulting

Target Audience: Local Government Finance Officers

Learning Objectives: Share perspectives on return to work and work from anywhere (what’s next) – including implications of working remotely and leading and managing in a virtual world.

Cyber Considerations During Covid-19 and Beyond

Presenter: Catherine Bertheau, Vice-President, Cyber Solutions Business Development Lead Eastern Canada

Target Audience: Local Government Finance Officers

Learning Objectives:

  • Staying on top of current cyber trends in 2020
  • How Covid-19 has resulted in increased ransomware attacks
  • Incident response “how-to’s” and best practices – mechanics of a cyber insurance policy (high level overview)
  • Governance and finance executive’s role in promoting cyber resilience
  • Covid19 recovery and planning for the new norm