On Wednesday, April 22, join Jamie Black (President), Darryl Parker (Manager of Accounting Automation Services), & Waldo Nell (Manager of Development) from F.H. Black & Company Incorporated as they discuss tools and tips for government finance officers to work form home.

Without warning, the ability to work remotely has become essential for government finance departments virtually overnight. If you’re in the majority, your organization has been scrambling to implement remote work environments, and chances are your staff are already working from home.

How do you make sure your teams are as efficient, effective and reliable as possible when working remotely? From tools to processes, this webinar will introduce the six major keys to remote work success:

  1. Hardware,
  2. Performance & Connectivity,
  3. Security & Backups,
  4. Collaboration,
  5. Workflow, and
  6. Staff management

Many of the improvements we will recommend will enable better processes when you return to the office too.

For more than a decade, F.H. Black & Company Incorporated has made remote work a key strategic asset. They have worked hard to perfect the distant work environment to maximize its benefits and minimize the downsides. For 25 years, our team has reviewed and improved business processes in governments large and small across North America.

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