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These CAGFO webinars are 1-hour presentations hosted by our partners and related organizations offering new products and programs that are directly related to your profession.


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When: June 28, 2023  noon-1pm EST via Zoom (FREE) [REGISTRATION IS NOW FULL/CLOSED]

Topic: Asset Retirement Obligation

Title: Asset Retirement Obligation Management Using SAP Analytics Cloud

Speakers: VISIO Consulting

Objective: The purpose of this webinar is to introduce the audience to our company, VIZIO Consulting and the services we offer in implementing SAP Analytics Cloud based FP&A solutions. Following a brief company overview and our offered services, we will be doing a deep dive of our in – house built rapidly deployable accelerator template for Asset Retirement Obligation Management built on the SAC platform.

The outline of the presentation will be as follows:

  1. Company & Services Overview
  2. Value Proposition for Municipalities
  3. Demo: CAPEX – Asset Retirement Obligation Management in SAP Analytics Cloud using VIZIO’s accelerator template
  4. Closing Remark

Join Webinar Speakers from VISIO Consulting
June 28, Aug 23, Sept 20, Oct 25, 2023

Photo of Asma Asaf Projects & Event Manager at VIZIO Consulting - webinar speaker

Asma Asaf (Projects & Event Manager at VIZIO Consulting)

Asma has a background in Resource & Capacity Management from working at IBM. She started her career at VIZIO Consulting in a similar role but is now transitioning towards leading all our marketing activities as well as learning about SAP project management. For the purposes of this webinar, Asma will be presenting the opening remarks with an introduction on VIZIO Consulting as well as closing the webinar.

Photo Sajjad Hassan of SME FP&A VIZIO Consulting - webinar speaker

Sajjad Hassan (SME FP&A at VIZIO Consulting)

Sajjad is the lead FP&A and BI SME at VIZIO Consulting for designing and implementing analytical and FP&A solutions covering a wide range of business and industry specific scenarios. He comes with over 20+ years of implementation experience of working with SAP platforms like SAP Analytics Cloud, SAP BPC Embedded, HANA Cloud and BW/4HANA.